Topsy-Turvy World

No matter who you voted for in the just-completed election, you probably think you won or lost. If you voted for Biden, then you probably think that you won. If you voted for Trump, then you probably think that you lost. However, it’s not quite that clear. Some of the losers are winners and some of the winners are losers. It will take some time to sort out all that the election brought to us. Hopefully, in the end, it’ll give us what we were hoping for, a better life. If you’re confused by what I just wrote, that’s understandable. That’s the way politics is.

What does all of this have to do with our daily lives? If you’re as confused as I am as to what is going on, then read my book about what the future might bring. Politics is called politics for a reason. It’s the masterful twisting of the truth. We all are gullible and we sometimes will believe that which is not true. Conspiracy theories thrive because we want to believe. However, sometimes believing that which is wrong can hurt us. As confusing as this all seems, my book can give some insight into why politics is what it is. Clearly by the year 2998, things will be different. We may even get a new regime headed up by someone like Judy Johnson, the protagonist in my book, to run the world and try to set it right.

If you truly are not afraid of what the future of politics may be, then you need to read my book, The Terminus List. The book is available on in both Kindle and Paperback editions. Don’t miss out on this book. It belongs on your bookshelf in your private library.

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I’m changing the world, one word at a time, Stan

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