Bobby McDane and the Missing Unicorn (Book 1)

I haven’t written on WordPress for a while because Ive been busy working on my new book, Bobby McDane and the Missing Unicorn (Book 1). My other books that I’ve written were Science Fiction, whereas, this one is Young Adult. I wanted to try my hand at something a little different than what I had been writing. My other books were The Killer Within, The Segmented Tail, and The Terminus List.

I enjoyed writing the Science Fiction books but, believe it or not, I think I liked writing this book more. The book seemed to be more in line with my thinking and my humor while still having thrilling scenes in it and introducing exotic animals. some of whom can talk.

The one character I enjoyed developing more than any was Milton, the dog. Milton is a very intelligent dog, that reads newspapers, plays chess and cribbage, and is Bobby McDane’s close friend. You’ll fall in love with Milton as I did. Milton loves a good buried bone and he loves playing fetch.

Here is a summary of the book: Fifteen-year-old, Bobby McDane goes on a mission to locate the last remaining unicorn. He learns to fly after reading comic books, against his dad’s wishes. His dad says he will never amount to anything because all he does is read comic books. Bobby has a very smart dog friend who talks and helps him learn to fly. Bobby’s mom cleans doctors’ houses and Bobby accompanies her one day on one of her jobs at Doctor Vile’s house. While there, he finds some notes in doctor Vile’s diary saying that he had captured a unicorn named Flora and he was holding her on an island near Madagascar. After reading the notes, Bobby feels that the doctor is evil and needs to be stopped. He becomes determined to find Flora and set her free. It’s up to Bobby to find Flora, set her free, and in turn save the world from the evil doctor.

The book is a Young Adult (YA) genre but it is a book that will be well-received by all ages. I feel that everyone that reads the book will like it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This book is book 1. I had so much fun writing the book that I plan on writing a sequel to it, Bobby McDane and the Missing Unicorn (Book 2).

I want to thank everyone in advance for buying the book and for reading it. If you read the book and enjoy it, please tell your friends and write a review on so that others will want to enjoy reading it too.

If you like my book, please visit my website, While you’re there, you can find out all about me and sign up for my newsletter.

Thank you in advance for buying my book and reading it, Stan

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