Do Not Leave a Review for my Book

I’ve asked for reviews for my book but no one seems to pay any attention to my requests. So, I thought I’d try a different tactic. I’m requesting that you do not leave a review for my book. It’s that bad. The name of it is Bobby McDane and the Missing Unicorn. If you read the book, then you’ll understand why you shouldn’t leave a review. Reviews should only be left for good books not those that stink. I think that this book leaves a lot to desire and therefore I’m asking you to read it and don’t leave a review.

I believe that if you read my book, you’ll feel compelled to leave a negative review. However, first you have to read the book and see why it’s not worthy of a review. I’ve read it several times and have decided that it shouldn’t get a review but then who am I? I’m the author and authors always feel differently about their writing than readers do.

If for some obscure reason you do read the book and get hooked, then feel free to leave a favorable review. I read it and really thought it was great but again, authors always think differently than their readers do. I’m not saying that you won’t leave a review only that you shouldn’t leave one. I won’t leave one and the reason is that Amazon won’t let me.

Remember, I can’t pay you to leave a favorable review. I can only ask you to leave an honest review. I am allowed to thank you if you leave a review. So, just by the slim chance that someone doesn’t read my request like it’s written, I will thank you in advance.

Thanks for reading my blog, Stan. Also, just in case you do read my book, Bobby McDane and the Missing Unicorn, please say hello to Milton.

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